The West to Experience Katrina Type Flooding From Snow Melt

The West to Experience Katrina Type Flooding From Snow Melt

  • Charlie Pankey

Nevada April 2017 ~ Record levels of snow and moisture have been celebrated all winter long in California and Nevada as the Sierra has accumulated the largest single winter of snow pack in its history.

The water levels have been so good that California and Nevada have officially claimed that the 7year droughts they had experienced are officially over. Water Tables at Lake Tahoe in the Central Sierra are reaching record levels and we have already seen spring runoff challenge the dam structures at Lake Orville, Californias largest Dam.  With Late spring snow in the Sierra, skiers are talking about July ski seasons for the first time in years and entrances to the National Parks in the sierra are experiencing delays on road openings.

The water that has accumulated int eh sierra is a good thing, however, a potential danger has also been recognized.  The water has fallen at such a rate, not only int eh mountains but surrounding valleys that the ground is saturated. Simple rainstorms in the Carson Valley East of Lake Tahoe have created mini Lakes in low-level desert lands next tot the highway. 

A drive up HWY 395 sees lake beds which have been dry for several years, now full of water and approaching the highway near Reno. Communities such at the Lemon valley near Stead Airforce base have seen their entire infrastructure challenges as settling water from the spring run-off has pooled into a large lake which is covering community transportation routes. 

And yet the real dangers are just getting started.  Statistics are speaking of flood water levels on the East side of the Sierra at levels never before recorded. If a warm rain happens this spring which are common in the Sierra, rivers will rise so fast and local levies will breach causing ana already waterlogged land to react similarly to the Katrina floods in Louisiana. 

If you live in Nevada or California, being prepared this spring to not only stop water from destroying your property and valuables but also being prepared to hunker down at home with limited transportation routes to supplies is a real possibility.

Here is a quick list of Preparedness Items You may consider stocking at your Home this Spring:

  • Sand Bags - 25-50 sandbags will help you divert water away from doorways or property edges.
  • Plastic Sheeting - Multi-use, but in extreme flooding can assist in preventing sandbag wall from leaking or creating a pond run-off area in a really severe drainage area
  • Water Bottles - Clean water can-not be understated. 2-3 cases of costco water Bottle packs will help you divert disaster.
  • Water Purification Tablets or Filters - in major flooding water contamination is rampant at times. Having simple water purification methods available is important.
  • Emergency Food Supplies - Stock the pantry, and get items that don't need a lot of heat assistance from power.  a Set of MRE or Traditional Backpacker food items helps. 12oo calories per family member per day minimum. 
  • Alternative Cooking and Heating Elements - Power failure happens during floods such as Katrina. safe alternatives from heating a meal or keeping warm are essential.
  • Extra Gas - For Generators - don't run out of gas for that great generator you have for these emergencies
  • A Generator or Power Storage device - don't have a generator already? consider an alternative power collection/storage device. Our Aervoe model storage devices will also run 12-volt appliances in extreme power outage situations.
  • Fresh Batteries 
  • Flashlights / Lanterns - Always know where they are at and have batteries ready to stock. Might consider a set of Wind and go alternatives.




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