Tips for being prepared to survive for 3-5 days in a natural disaster:

Tips for being prepared to survive for 3-5 days in a natural disaster:

  • Charlie Pankey

Tips for Being prepared for 3-5 days in a natural disaster:

Food Consumption guidelines:   12oo calories a day per person. In our fat rich American diets, this will make you feel hungry all day but will prevent your body from slowing down normal functions. Survival with less can be done, but planning a head is easy and affordable.  A family of 4 stranded for 5 days needs 24,000 calories to consume.  This could be a simple as a few jars of peanut butter or by having 2 cases of MRE stored in the house for such occasions. MRE’s are a great option because they give you a complex calorie system and do not require any power to consume.  they are also sealed in water tight containers so they are safe in all storm weather from damage.

Water Guidelines:  New base lines for survival suggest to maintain normal bodily function a person needs to consume a minimum of 32 oz of water daily for survival. so again a family of 4 need to plan to store  640 ounces (5 gallons) of water for a five-day survival pack.   We suggest that a couple five-gallon water containers are a minimum for every household. Along with the water supply which if stored in a BPA free container can keep your water pure and fresh for up to a year at a time, we suggest a water purification system to help with cleaning water resources and preventing illness from water born disease.

Warmth: Basic guidelines, have a dry bag prepared with additional socks, blankets, shirts etc… Remember, you likely will have no power so a dry pair of socks and a dry blanket will g a long way to providing sanity if nothing else.  My father once taught me to stash old clothes in a dry bag in my car in case of a breakdown at night. It has come in handy over the years.  Blankets are better than sleeping bags in that they are easier to pack in case you need to get out of the house.

A Plan:  Ok a safe plan… a plan to assure your families safety. staying behind to save the dogs in the eye of storm warnings is not a SAFE plan. Where is your safest safe zone? Do you have cash on hand to get there and survive for a few days while away?  Is there gas in the car. who calls who?  Where do we meet if the storm hits when we are separated?  This plan needs to be written out and stored in a dry doc or dry area so that the family can refer to it in an emergency. Do not plan on memory working to its fullest int eh middle of storm panic…  Buy yourself a dry doc , something used for maps and important documents and store your plan in a safe place in the families home or cars.

Plan ahead and safety and survival are an easier and safe alternative in disaster. Be the person doing the recueing is always better than being the the rescued. Harvey is no match for proper planning and a will to survive.

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